2003 Section Conference Proceedings

Dates: April 4-5, 2003
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana
Theme:  Engineering the Future
Program Chair:
Douglas Tougaw

Session 1A: Engineering Technology and Design

Motorsports 1: Introduction to Motorsports

  Joseph P. Howard and Joseph F. Kmec

Developing an Integrated Curriculum for Ergonomics, Plant Layout, and Material Handling Laboratory Experiences

  Kurt A. Rosentrater and Earl E. Hansen

Infusing Manufacturing Analysis in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Curriculum Using CAD

  Radha Balamuralikrishna and Clifford R. Mirman

The Impact of Dynamic Simulation and Experiment Within the Engineering and Technology Education

  Abul K. M. Azad and Youakim Al-Kalaani


Session 1B: Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Soul of an Engineer,” Using a Non-Fiction Book to Improve Communication Skills and Identify Career Goals

  Eric W. Johnson

Use of CircuitMaker as a Digital Simulation Tool in Freshmen EET Courses

  Gerard Foster


An Integrated Approach To Instruction In Debugging Computer Programs: Preliminary Report

  Ryan Chmiel and Michael C. Loui 


Efficiency of a Photovoltaic Power System

  William Hutzel and Patrick Webber


Session 1C: Novel Instruction Techniques 


Critical Thinking and Engineering Education

  Tamer Ceylan and Lang Wah Lee


First-Year Seminars in Engineering Excitement

  Robert Montgomery, Deborah Follman, and Heidi Diefes-Dux


Interactive 3-D Models for Enhanced Classroom Instruction

  Paul Kellner, and Sarah Leach


Session 2A: National Design Competitions

Sponsoring a FIRST Robotics Team

  Douglas Tougaw, Jeffrey D. Will, Peter Weiss, and Carmine Polito


Changing Lives with Mobility: The Basic Utility Vehicle Project

  Douglas C. Acheson


Utilizing Data Mining to Establish Key Specifications for a Mechanical Engineering Technology Robot Design Project

  William Szaroletta and Stephen A. Laaper

Session 2B: Recruitment and Retention

The Recruiting Efforts of an Engineering Technology Program Extension Location

  Michael J. Kozak, Michael Q. Swain, and Frank K. Brattain


Engineering Outreach To Grade School Children: The Apple Pie Factory

  Barbara Engerer


Recruiting And Retaining Today’s Engineering Student: An Integrated Approach at Valparaiso University

  Laura L. Sanders 


Diversity: The Challenges for Engineering and Technical Education

  David L. Stanley, Ronald Sterkenburg, and Brian Dillman


Jump Starting Kids in Computer Graphics 

  Diana Stewart

Session 2C: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics

Data Acquisition Implementation in a Heat Transfer Laboratory

  Ryan J. Hagan, Josh P. Headley, and Heather L. Cooper


Introducing State-of-the-Art Technology into Fluid Power Laboratory

  Jan T. Lugowski


Demonstration of Pump Performance

  William Hutzel


An Experiment Subjecting a Cylindrical Cooling Fin to Forced Air Convection

  Michael J. Kozak


The Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research in Turbulence (MURT) Program at Valparaiso University

  Michael J. Barrett


Session 3B: Accreditation and Assessment

Curriculum Assessment and Enhancement at Purdue University Calumet Based on ABET 2000

  Nasser Houshangi


Programmatic Assessment within an Engineering Technology Program

  Cliff Mirman and Promod Vohra


Using the Nationally Normed SME Fundamentals of Manufacturing Examination as a Program Outcomes Indicator

  Gregory Neff


How Workplace and Academic Engineering Written Communication Abilities Differ:  A Foundation for Communication Assessment

  Marjorie Rush Hovde


Session 3C: Interdisciplinary Student Projects

Development of a Microcontroller Laboratory Facility for Directing Students Towards Application Oriented Projects

  Abul K. M. Azad and Vamshi Krishna Lakkaraju


Interdisciplinary Student Projects Towards Simultaneous Engineering:  Learning and Issues Brought Forward

  Abul K. M. Azad Andrew Otieno and Radha Balamuralikrishna


Teaching Mechanical Engineers About Embedded Programming

  Peter H. Meckl


A Case Study of a Collaborative Push-Pull Manufacturing Learning Experience for Industrial Engineering and Engineering Technology Majors

  Radha Balamuralikrishna and Nipa Phojanamongkolkij



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