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Proceedings of
American Society for Engineering Education 
North Central and Illinois-Indiana Section Conference
April 1-2, 2011
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI


Full Papers (Links provided for full papers from the IL/IN Section)


Successive Experiments in Frequency Analysis and Technical Writing Component of an Instrumentation Laboratory Course in Mechanical Engineering

Erik Bardy, Mark Archibald, Mark Reuber


International Based Engineering Management Course at Foreign Study Center with French University Partnership

Erik Bardy, Mike Bright, Frank Insignares, Mark Reuber


CAN-Based Instrumentation With CANoe and MATLAB

David McDonald


Student-Driven Development of a 1.2-MW Campus Wind Power Project

David R. Sawyers, Jr


Developing a Multi-Faceted Survey of Engineering Course for Junior and Senior Level High School Students for Junior and Senior Level High School Students

Robert J. Korenic


Capstone Lessons to Prepare Students for the Changing World of Corporate Innovation

Darrell Kleinke


Vermilion Point Project, Phase One: Communication Infrastructure and Energy Assessment

Ben Martin, Brad Ekin, Eric Hoxie, Jameson Mattice, John Preczewski


A Directed Project using Underclassmen

Gene L. Harding, Sean Hagan, Nathanial Strozier (IL/IN Section)


Tests for Assessing Graduating EET Students

William T. Evans William T. Evans


A Friendly Approach to Transient Processes in Transmission Lines

Andrew Rusek, Subramaniam Ganesan, Daniel N. Aloi


Energy Students’ Perceptions on Global Issues and Engineering

Paul J. Weber


Robotics and Alternative Energies Summer Camps for High School and Middle School Students at Baker College

Anca L. Sala, Tom Spendlove


Generator Exciter Replacement and Troubleshooting Efforts --A Capstone Experience Efforts A Capstone Experience

M.M. A Rahman, T. Petersen


Interdisciplinary Sophomore Design at Oakland University

Osamah Rawashdeh, Dave Schall, Richard Haskell


The Evolution of Freshmen Without Borders: Coordinating International Preprofessional Service within the First-Year Engineering Curriculum

Kenneth Reid, Robin White


Improvement of Engagement and Participation of First Year engineering Students through Metacognition Learning Tool

Quamrul H Mazumder


Use of on Use of on-line Metacognition Strategies in Large Classroom line Metacognition Strategies in Large Classroom to Improve Academic Performance of Mechanical Engineering Students

Quamrul H Mazumder


Teaching the NPD Lifecycle to Engineering Students

Terry Robert Schumacher (IL/IN Section)


An engineering mathematics course project on modeling automobile suspension system

Shengyong Zhang (IL/IN Section



Student Papers


Free Space Optical Communication

Kasey Hixson, Paul Trader and Chris Romanowski


A CFD Study of Pickup Trucks Aerodynamics

Wael Mokhtar,, Julie Kim, Justin , Pattermann,, Varun Menon, Jeremy Pruneau


ASME H2GO Design Project/Competition

Joel Gough, Lance Riedel, Laura Halash, James Martin, Joseph Langenderfer


The Web Camera Mouse with Smart Base: An Electrical Engineering Design Project

Richard Muysenberg, Lisa Zyonse, Olaoluwa Ayinde Fadiran, Wenjun Li, Qin Hu


Rain is a Good Thing: an ASME Project Rain is a Good Thing: an ASME Project

Aaron Klenke, Stephen Martin, Mark Netzly, Andrew Gross, Daniel Chen


Mobile Power Generation

Ryan Brune, John Garlitz, Jason VanAtta


2011 ASME Student Design Competition: Water Powered Model Car

Sheri Smith, Timothy Tori, Jeremy Kiley, Nick Grenon, Kristina Lemmer


The Effect of Crank Length on Delta Efficiency In Recumbent Cycling

Tyler Baker, Mark Archibald


Design and Construction of Vibration Test Stand

Michael Michael KrakKrak , Kurt Heitkamp, Lee Lee HeitkampHeitkamp , Josh Masters, Kurt Heitkamp Josh MastDavid Mikesell


Wind Data Analysis and Performance Predictions for a 400-kW Turbine in Northwestern Ohio

Caldwell Reed, Sarah Fiffick, David Sawyers


Analysis of the Power Conversion Efficiency on Energy Scavenging Interface Circuits

Kevin Petsch, Robert Balma, Tolga Kaya


Development of Thin Film Photolithography Process: Patterning Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and Copper Electroplating

Robert Balma, Kevin Petsch, Tolga Kaya


Composite Propeller Construction

Andy Gunkler, C. Mark Archibald


Design of Optimal Turbines for Wind Energy Conversion

Chuck Witt, Josh Norman, Mark Archibald


Human Powered Hydrofoil Design & Analytic Wing Optimization

Andy Gunkler, C. Mark Archibald


Dielectric Properties of Low-Density Polypropylene with Multiwall Carbon Nanotube (PP/MWNT) Polymer Nanocomposites

Olaoluwa Ayinde Fadiran, Leela Rakesh, Stanley Hirschi, Axel Mellinger,, Anja j Mueller, James Falenderg ,


Tour Guide Robot: An Electrical Engineering Capstone Senior Design Project

Julie Mitchell, Andrew Adkins, Nathan Trela, Kumar Yelamarthi


Implementing an OpenFlow Switch With QoS Feature on the NetFPGA Platform

Yichen Wang, Yichong Qin, Long Gao


Pipe Loss Experimental Apparatus

Kathleen Lifer, Ryan Oberst, Benjamin Wibberley


Electrorotation of Electroporated Malignant and Normal White Blood Cells

Wenjun Li, Qin Hu


Alternative Materials for Steam Locomotive Staybolt

Craig Norman, Edward Craig NEdward Donatham Donatham


Dielectrophoresis (DEP) of Spherical Cells after Nano- Second Pulsed Electric Field (nsPEF) Induced Electroporation

Olaoluwa Fadiran, Qin Hu


Heat Index Characterization of the Human Body for a Wireless Track and Alert Sensor System (WTASS)

Olaoluwa Fadiran, Tolga Kaya


Quantifying Helmet Safety: The Design and Construction of a Testing Apparatus

Brandon Bryant, Nolan Faber, Shawn Fisher, Daniel Simon, Brian Dejong


Affecting electronic and wireless devices using low-energy wave-shaped pulses

Ben Hopf, Andrew Kimbell, David Silwanowicz, Alex Wolf


Characterization of Blind, Buried, and Through Hole Vias at High Frequencies

Seth Hendrickson, Jon Klein, Josh Manore, Kyson Mathiew, Ketan Shringarpure


Autonomous Recyclable Material Sorter

Oliver J Zemanek, Nathan P Geib, Eric G Tauzer, Jeffrey M Movsesian, Scott F Kiefer


Microstructural Analysis of Ceramic-Metallic Interpenetrating Phase Composites

Anthony Yurcho, Klaus-Markus Peters, Brian Hetzel, Timothy R. Wagner, Virgil C. Solomon


SmartOutlet: A Remotely Controlled Outlet

Ross Stienecker, Andrew Swick, MaryJo Guthrie, Mohammad Alsuraihi, and Srinivasa Vemuru


Need for Public Speaking in the Engineering Curriculum

Dan Budny, Tim Tallon


A Review on Basic Fuel Cell Design and Applications

Dean Alan Boomgaard, Kumar Yelamarthi, Leela Rakesh



Extended Abstracts

Creating an Atmosphere of Communication in a Deformable Solids Course

Craig James Gunn


Revisiting a Liberal Activity in a College of Engineering Engineers as Poets 10 Years Later

Engineers as Poets 10 Years Later

Craig James Gunn


Undergraduate and High School students interested in chemical engineering test the effects of phytochemicals on cancer cell lines

K. Virginia Lehmkuhl-Dakhwe, Awet Jonathan Afework


Using NetFPGA Platform as a Project-Based Learning Tool in Computer Engineering Program

Yichen Wang


Text Messaging as a Tool for Enhancing Student-Instructor Interactions

S. Patrick Walton, Daina Briedis, Stephen Lindeman, Amanda Portis, Jon Sticklen


Development of Rubrics for Assessment of General Education Learning Outcomes

Olanrewaju Aluko


The Robert E Noyce Program at the National Science Foundation

Sheryl Ann Sorby