American Society for Engineering Education



Date:               June 17, 2004


To:                   ASEE IL/IN Section


From:               Mark C. Johnson

                        Secretary, ASEE IL/IN Section

                        Phone: 765 494-0636



Re: March 27, 2004 IL/IN Section Business Meeting Minutes


The annual IL/IN section business meeting was conducted Saturday March 27, 2004. It

took place during lunch as a part of the annual IL/IN section conference.


ASEE IL/IN officers in attendance were:

Abul Azad, Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL, Student Poster Co-Chair

Radha Bal (RBa), Northern Illinois Univ. - Dekalb, IL, Student Poster Co-Chair

Robert Bloompott (RB), Illinois Central College, 2004 Conference Co-Chair

Heidi Diefes-Dux, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IN, Section Chair

Robert Hoffinger, Purdue University - New Albany, IN, Section Campus Rep.

Mark C. Johnson, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IN, Secretary

Michael Kozak, Purdue University - Richmond, IN, Awards Chair & Chair Elect

Dennis Kroll, Bradley University - Peoria, IL, Conference Co-Chair

Tamara Moore, Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN, K-12 Advisor

Carmine Polito, Valparaiso Universtiy - Valparaiso, IN, Treasurer

Doug Tougaw, Valparaiso University - Valparaiso, IN, past Chair



Meeting notes:


Robert Bloompott gave the opening welcome and introduced John S. Erwin, President of

Illinois Central College (ICC).


Dr. Erwin extended a welcome to ICC and gave an overview of ICC.


Heidi Diefes-Dux introduced Duane L. Abata, President of ASEE, and Dean of the

College of Engineering and Technology at Northern Arizona University.


Dr. Abata first gave an overview of the current very strong and active state of ASEE.

This is noteworthy in light of the recent struggles of numerous other engineering

professional societies.


The bulk of Dr. Abata’s talk was on the issue of outsourcing. He dealt with many aspects

of the issue, but his conclusion was a call for us to take action in recognition of the

prospect of greatly increased global competition in higher education, particularly from

developing” nations.


Dr. Diefes-Dux then led the meeting in taking care of the following section business:

Recognition of the section conference organizers; see the earlier list of officers in



Recognition of campus representatives in attendance.


Announcement: the Friday 1:30 pm workshop was rescheduled for Saturday 1:30



Announced that the next section conference is to be a Northern Illinois

University, Dekalb, IL.


Introduction of proposed slate of officers for 2004-5

New Zone II Chair, Sandra Yost (not present)

Michael Kozak, IL/IN Section Chair

Robert Hoffinger, Chair Elect

Mark Johnson, continuing as secretary

Carmine Polito, continuing as treasurer


There were no further nominees from the floor. Acceptance of the slate was

moved, seconded, and accepted unanimously.


Robert Bloompott was introduced as newsletter editor, an appointed position.


No 2006 conference site has been selected.


The meeting was adjourned.


Immediately after the meeting, Gary Steffen of Indiana University/Purdue University

Fort Wayne (IPFW) volunteered to host the 2006 conference.