American Society for Engineering Education



Date:               April 14, 2004


To:                   ASEE IL/IN Executive Board


From:               Mark C. Johnson

                        Secretary, ASEE IL/IN Section

                        Phone: 765 494-0636



Re:                   March 26, 2004 IL/IN Executive Board Meeting Minutes


On March 26, 2004 from 3:30-5:30, the IL/IN executive board met at Illinois Central College, East Peoria, Illinois.


In attendance were:


Abul Azad, Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL, Student Poster Co-Chair

Radha Bal (RBa), Northern Illinois Univ. - Dekalb, IL, Student Poster Co-Chair

            Robert Bloompott (RB), Illinois Central College, 2004 Conference Co-Chair

Heidi Diefes-Dux, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IN, Section Chair

Robert Hoffinger, Purdue University - New Albany, IN, Section Campus Rep.

            Mark C. Johnson, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IN, Secretary

            Michael Kozak, Purdue University - Richmond, IN, Awards Chair & Chair Elect

            Dennis Kroll, Bradley University - Peoria, IL, Conference Co-Chair

            Tamara Moore, Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN, K-12 Advisor

            Carmine Polito, Valparaiso Universtiy - Valparaiso, IN, Treasurer

            Doug Tougaw, Valparaiso University - Valparaiso, IN, past Chair


Meeting notes:


Action items and person responsible are underlined. Discussions and decisions are presented in the order given in the agenda rather than in chronological order. People are identified by their initials.


Zone Chair Updates (JPM)


JPM - attended Board of Directors meeting in Beluxi, Mississippi. Reported that ASEE national organization is in good financial health (unlike some other professional societies at present).


At the 2004 national conference, there will be a Zone breakfast meeting Wed am. Section officers are encouraged to attend.


Abatta - president of ASEE national will be here at the section conference on Saturday to speak during lunch.


Re. Outstanding teaching medal - ASEE ready to accept nominations & select a winner. ILIN has already nominated a person.


JPM asked at national if sections can use the CAPS system - but told that it still requires a lot of maintenance & is really designed for 2000 papers not 70-100. ASEE will be looking into a system for the sections to use. If there is a cost, the section will share in the cost & possibly in the maintenance effort.


This is JPM’s 2nd year of a 2 year term as zone chair. New zone chair is Sandra Yost - Detroit Mercy. JPM Extends his appreciation for support the last 2 years.


HDD - how quickly will a CAPS system be available? JPM - national is not that excited about this.


MCJ is already looking into submission systems for Microelectronic Systems Education 2005 & may be able to offer input on an appropriate system


Regarding ASEE National View of IL/IN Section (discussed later in meeting)…


MK - 2 years ago, natl was looking at ILIN absorbed into another section. JPM – this is not under consideration now. JPM made strong case to national that we are doing a good job & they view ILIN favorably. JPM - one concern, continuity of officers. JPM - having an active secretary has been very valuable to the section. 


DT - suggest having an ILIN breakfast at ASEE national


Treasurer’s Report (CP)


BASS account has 12221.58


Operating account shows (-190.00) but there a problem in program account of operating account that may be causing erroneous number. CP – report status on this when corrected


2004 Conference


o          Any last minute things?


HDD - no attendees for this afternoon’s “Model Eliciting Activities” workshop, 1 registrant for morning workshop - cancelled and notified the person, a few for afternoon workshops registered but did not appear. The Model Eliciting Activity workshop was rescheduled for Saturday afternoon 1:30.


BB - re status on conference - everything looks good, can’t think of any open issues. Confirmed social for Friday night & meals with cafeteria. Statistics: about 65 registered & have received a few phone calls of unregistered people likely to come


o          Status of Registrations (RB)


About 65 registered & have received a few phone calls of unregistered people likely to come


o          Status of Awards


§         Campus Rep Award (RH)


MK - re outstanding campus rep - Brian West - not here.


§         Best Paper (DK, MK) – and discussion regarding proceedings


DK - 41 papers accepted, had accepted 60+ abstracts. Suggest changing format of received papers to make proceedings preparation easier.  DK to talk to next year’s conference chairs (AA,RBa) about this.


RH - instead of paper proceedings, how about CDs.  DK - chose paper this year. Problem with CD, not as easy for people to look over CD for a one day conference. JPM - some conferences just publish book of abstracts & put paper on CD.


JPM - any extra copies of proceedings this year? JPM - SE section sends a copy of proceedings to other sections. Suggest that IL/IN section do the same.


Regarding best paper - each reviewer picked 2 best papers & gave those names to MK..


(some details regarding selection of best papers omitted here)


RB - there will be a little bit of time after last tech sessions for reviewers to confer


AA - is there any rubric for reviewing the presentations? Discussion: MCJ & AA & RB should meet and agree on review criteria.



§         Best Teacher (MK)


MK - nudged 3 people to select best teacher award. Selected Dr. Douglas Stamps who agreed to give a presentation - 15 minutes - at awards dinner.


RB - awards dinner will be very informal - make the teacher award, then other awards, then serve the food


MK - re $ award - had discussed $100. Cash vs. gift certificate? Discussion: cash for all but student award recipients.   MK has obtained frames, BB helping get certificates printed out. Will just give envelope for now & send certificates later.


CP will take care of having the awards sent & will ask ASEE national to cut a check to send. CP also has gift certificates for student posters


§         Poster Session and Poster Awards


HDD to AA & RBa - is the poster session in order? AA & RBa - yes.


RBa - asked about how to select poster winners. HDD suggested getting volunteers for judges on Sat AM.


RB - gave certificates to HDD to sign


JPM - where did posters come from? DK - most from Indiana - Purdue, IPFW, IN Inst Tech, NIU, Bradley, Rose-Hulman



Section Updates


o          Campus Reps Updates (RH)


RH - have contacted 23 schools in section. Only about 3-4 haven’t responded confirming that they have a campus rep who will act as such. Will direct them to national web site guidelines for campus rep.  Candice Wark has taken campus rep position at IIT.  Will get together a yearly synopsis/checklist to give to campus reps.


JPM - there are brainstorming sessions at national for campus reps.


RH - will be working to keep campus reps in the loop & doing something.


RH - a couple of emails in current representative list bounced, but will clean it up & update with natl.


MK - can campus reps be used to increase section attendance? RH has already been doing this via email. JPM - suggest having section campus rep meeting, perhaps breakfast or technical session, or one successful rep talk about experiences.


MK - do any of the campus reps do anything?


JPM - at the Citadel, every two weeks the ASEE chapter meets for a couple of hours, donuts & coffee, have ASEE related articles and pedagogical articles, informally talk about teaching issues. Sponsored by ASEE, organized by campus rep. Sometimes brownbag talks.


Bruce Harding is Purdue campus rep, but he is in technology. HDD - suggest to RH to get campus rep for engineering from Dean Katehi. At Purdue, there is very little association between tech and engineering, so we really could use a separate rep.


DK is campus rep at Bradley, would be good to have other reps to talk to.


JPM - several years ago, there were sessions at national for campus reps.


RH - re what campus reps are supposed to do - annual report. Will get electronic copy of check list to reps early in the year.


JPM - part 1 is what you did last year, part 2 is what you plan to do next year. Some campus reps do file report, but don’t send it to Bob.


RH - checked with Dwight & nobody else sent report directly to national.


JPM to RH - ask reps why they didn’t file a report & look for ways to improve this. Maybe one problem is that campus rep feels like they didn’t do anything, & don’t want to file report that looks bad.


o          Officers to be Elected (HDD)

§         (DK) Dennis Kroll, Bradley UniversityPeoria – Awards chair

§         (MK) Mike Kozak, Purdue University - Richmond, Chair

§         (RH) Robert Hoffinger, Purdue University, New Albany, IN. – Chair Elect

§         (HDD) Heidi Diefes-Dux, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, Past Chair

§         (AA) Abul Azad, Northern Illinois University, 2005 Program Co-Chair

§         (RBa) Radha Bala, Northern Illinois University, 2005 Program Co-Chair

§         (MCJ) Mark C. Johnson, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, Secretary

§         (RH) Robert Hofinger, Purdue University - Columbus, Section Campus Rep

§         (CP) Carmine Polito, Valparaiso University, Treasurer

§         (MCJ) Mark C. Johnson, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, Webmaster


HDD regarding elected officers - chair, chair elect, secretary, treasurer. Mike is still willing to be chair (for 1 year)


MCJ - willing to continue as secretary and webmaster.


CP declined to accept chair elect. CP has been treasurer for 2 years.


HDD open to nominations for awards chair


DK willing to be awards chair


RH willing to be chair elect. Seconded by others.


HDD – there was confusion in last minutes about section campus rep ( RH or DT?) – RH will continue as campus rep. DT is simply going to be Valpo campus rep.


HDD - student poster chairs - HDD has someone in mind. (follow up)


HDD - also contemplating a K-12 chair,  DK - Richard Green making presentation on Sat, was  a HS principle & is now in university position (follow up)


RH - there are K-12 sessions at national conference - people should attend to get a feel. DK - however national sessions don’t get into “what kind of students become engineers”. HDD and TM have an interest in this. HDD will have a report on this in next meeting.


o          Officers to be Appointed (HDD)

§         (RB) Robert Bloompott, Illinois Central College, Newsletter Editor

§         Student Poster Chair – TBD (HDD)

§         K-12 Chair TBD


JPM - think that DT would be good section campus rep after RH becomes chair


o       New Officers need to go to Zone Meeting at ASEE National Conference (Wed. June 23rd 8 am)


o       Set Time/Date/Location of Fall Meeting Executive Board Meeting


HDD - re date of next meeting. Traditionally held at conference location. Conf chairs should have a preliminary budget. Last Sept or early Oct. Make it Oct 1st.


HDD - tentative agenda for next meeting:



            everybody come with 2 ideas for hot topics

            look out for possible guest speakers, people for workshops

            designate a theme

            K-12 ideas

            bylaws draft, review, send on to national (HDD, DT)

            2006 conference location

            more awards (look at SE section awards system) (DK)


HDD - will send agenda to me to post.


o       Comments regarding upcoming national conference in Salt Lake City


HDD - reminder again re Zone chairs session 8am Wednesday.


JPM - also on Tuesday is a new officers orientation.


RB - new officer orient is particularly valuable. Gets into managing of section & good for collecting names & faces.


JPM - new zone chair will be at Zone session Wed morning. New zone chair - DT has known for about 15 years.



o       Bylaw changes


HDD - allow for repeated terms.


HDD - regarding bylaws, can’t make changes official until the next section conference. DK - probably has to be distributed ahead of the conference.


HDD & DT are going to work on bylaw updates this summer. JPM - if can complete it soon enough, Sandra (the new Zone chair) can take it to ASEE board of directors meeting for approval in 2nd week Jan 2005 meeting & then take to section in Apr 2005. Sandra probably has to get it on the agenda sometime in December.




Section Website Status (MCJ)


HDD - is trying to to get IIT and 2001 program proceedings to post on the web site. MCJ – post these once received


DK - needs to get 2004 proceedings to MCJ to post. MCJ will post when received


DK - is in IE division, they are now keeping notes & minutes on web sites & is very helpful. recommend that MCJ take a look


MCJ - will post all meeting minutes to the web site.


RB – comment: having notes on file (on-line) is very valuable. In the past, there was only an informal succession of officers, but it was never documented. A lot of information was lost.


MCJ - suggest - need to have designated backup webmaster. Discussion – MCJ will give account access to chair and chair elect, just in case.


HDD to MCJ - would MCJ like anything announced about the web site on Saturday? MCJ - would like an announcement to remind people about, invite input for web site, also invite people to send newsletter items to RB



Newsletter plans


MK - newsletter. HDD - doesn’t see section doing this in coming year.


JPM - several sections put out printed newsletter. HDD - could create & post newsletter, announce in email. JPM will be at North Central section meeting in Kalamazoo - they are having discussion about hard copy vs. online version. See value in people having something to grab onto.


DK - sections that put out newsletter, suggest that they send newsletter to other section officers. JPM - will see if he can make that happen. DT - this could be just done electronically.


JPM - ILIN needs to establish identity. A newsletter would help.


HDD to RB - still willing to put out a news letter? RB - yes. HDD - have a newsletter outline in time for review at meeting in October (RB). RB - was thinking of having something this summer including officer info etc. RB - intends to contact campus reps to collect info on goings on at campus. MCJ to RB - as you collect newsletter contact, send it for inclusion on web site.



2005 Conference


Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, IL – April 1-2 2005 (as noted in discussion below), chairs RBa and AA


(RBa or AA) Identify Staff contact person.


RBa - had discussed a date in April, have instutional support for any date in April. (had ruled out spring break because it leads to problems of participation, even though rooms more available, spring break also bad because it is early & weather is problem)


AA & RBa - Passed out Call for Abstracts (CFA) for 2005 conf.


DT - don’t want to push date too late in April. DK - make sure not Easter (Mar 22).


HDD - last time had discussed April 1-2 for 2005 (Fri-Sat). All concurred on this date. Will making an announcement of this on Saturday.


HDD - last act as outgoing chair- will send out conference date & new officers to people. Need updated CFA from RBa in electronic form.


RBa - need to change web site to point to asee4ilin. DK -& others think it would be best to keep asee4ilin as web site.


NIU guys need to send 2005 conference info to MCJ to be posted


JPM - advise against Friday workshop, make it on Saturday. Discussion - most people make it for breakfast on Sat.


JPM – note, it is the American Society for Engineering Education (not of) – AA/RBa need to correct on CFA.


HDD - can we get this reworked in time for Sat? HDD - has template. RB - can get this printed up on Saturday.


JPM - are the deadlines on CFA right? HDD and others - try not to make too close to ASEE national. JPM - ASEE dates will be announced at national conf. HDD - can make adjustments to dates later if necessary based on national dates.


JPM “Application” deadline? Discussion - strike “Application and” from the CFA.


HDD - may also have to take into consideration FIE deadline. Leave ILIN abstract deadline as Dec 10 for now. DK - better to leave it early and shift back.


HDD - need to ensure responsiveness on conference questions & be clear who to send to. MCJ - could use web site to help with this. HDD, DK - for now, have a staff contact at the site to handle the email.


AA/RBa how to handle registration fees - will discuss with HDD.


regarding this year’s budget. BH - biggest single cost, food, proceedings done locally, most costs proportional to # registrants. Expects to come out well ahead this year ($3k?). $70-80 break wasn’t much of a motivator, but a log of registrations came in at last advance registration deadline. Important because need to know how many proceedings to print. DT - surplus $ sounds about like situation at Valpo in 2003.


HDD - issue - section keeps accumulating $, JPM - perhaps section needs to give out more awards.


BH - surprised at low price of meals, but can’t always count on that. Advise trying to keep cost to participants below $100. A few years ago, went into hole, took a 2-3 years to dig out. BH, MK et al - ok if section ends up subsidizing conference costs slightly.


DK - need feedback from those not attending - why did they not attend? JPM - suggest providing some kind of “hot” topic workshop to draw in people, some well know national person for half day. General agreement. RH - K-12 outreach. DK - cheating on asynchronous internet courses.


RB - survey people as to why don’t attend. Ask what the hot topics are right now


MK - how many unique authors, approx 30.


Discussion at this point question of why many campuses do not participate in the section and what to do about it…


MK - do a survey of people who are here tomorrow. RB - this doesn’t address those not here. DK - most Purdue & NIU papers were from tech side rather than engr. Also, not getting anything from junior colleges.


RB - cost is probably not the major factor. DK - rattled of list of major engineering depts in section who are not represented here.


HDD to RH - suggest using list serve to have people to contact their campus rep. for info (i.e., come at rep from opposite direction)


JPM - section campus representatives are very important for inviting people to the section conference.


JPM - know a lot of people who are active at national level not at the section. Suggest contacting them (to RH)


DK - 3 or 4 distinct audiences & survey needs to take into consideration. Most larger schools not involved, those active only at national, junior colleges, & dues paying inactive members.


DK - 3 big schools not represented this year - UIUC, UI-Chicago, Northwestern, Univ of North Chicago(?)


RB - U of Ill Carbondale, Notre Dame,


JPM - membership shows increase from 844 2001, 894 now. DK - so, we are getting less than 10% of membership


Regarding 2005 proceeding – see notes above regarding 2004 proceedings under the heading “Best Paper”


MK - what about having papers on web site. MCJ - would it be good to have papers up in advance (or at least titles). HDD - several people asked for this.



2006 and later conferences


HDD – Purdue might be interested to do it in connection with the creation of a “School of Engineering Education”.


DT - volunteers for 2009 conference (happens to be big anniversary for Valpo)


MK – Rose-Hulman (RHIT) also mentioned in past as a possible site. HDD - try to connect to ABET assessment conference at RHIT


DT - had also mentioned UIC and Northwestern. However, being in Chicago makes it more expensive. ASEE natl meeting is in Chicago 2006.


HDD - Bill Oakes (Purdue, West Lafayette) has suggested that ASEE IL/IN have  booth at FIE when it takes place in Indianapolis. JPM suggest banner - “ILIN welcomes FIE”.