American Society for Engineering Education



Date:               October 10, 2003


To:                   ASEE IL/IN Executive Board


From:               Mark C. Johnson

                        Secretary, ASEE IL/IN Section

                        Phone: 765 494-0636



Re:                   IL/IN Executive Board Meeting Minutes


On October 10, 2003 from 1:00-5:00pm, the IL/IN executive board met at Illinois Central College (ICC), Peoria, IL Some additional business took place prior to the meeting and over dinner after the meeting.


In attendance were:


            Heidi Diefes-Dux, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette

            Mark C. Johnson, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette

            J. P. Mohsen, University of Louisville, Zone representative

            Dennis Kroll, Bradley University, 2004 Conference Co-Chair

            Robert Bloompott, Illinois Central College, 2004 Conference Co-Chair


Meeting notes:


Action items and person responsible are underlined. Discussions and decisions are presented in the order given in the agenda rather than in chronological order. People are identified by their initials.


  Zone Chair Updates (JPM)


Nothing new that merits delaying the conference planning portion of the meeting.


  Treasurer’s Report


Treasurer Carmen Polito (CP) was not present, but passed on the following information by way of chair HDD.


Books are closed on 2003 conference. The section came out $3041.07 ahead. Details are included in the attached agenda. Ending BASS account balance is $8478.29. Operating account balance is $139.32.


The current operating account balance has to be spent by Oct 15, 2003 or the funds will be lost. Some alternatives for expenditure were discussed, but the consensus was to apply the remaining balance to the web site registration and hosting fee of $149. The nearly $10 difference will be covered by the new academic year funds.


  2004 Conference Planning


  1. Facilities for Sessions, Lunch, Dinners – Tour of Facilities


Some of this, the facility tour in particular, took place prior to the 1:00 start of the meeting – Heidi, J.P., et al, please fill me in on what facilities you looked at and any decisions that were made.


  1. Call for Papers (CFP) and Mailings


DK: Abstracts deadline in CFP is presently Dec 19.

JPM: consider making this earlier. After some discussion, we settled on Nov 17. This also allows some margin for extension if their aren’t enough submissions.


      Regarding getting the CFP out –

JPM: get CFP out electronically by Oct 20 to allow time before Nov 17 abstract deadline

      HDD: too late to get into Prism – Prism requires 4 month lead on CFP

RB – Should CFP be distributed just to Dean’s or directly to members. Discussion & conclusion – send it to both via hardcopy, listserv email, and web site.

Summary: RB & DK prepare CFP & arrange mailing, MCJ will post on web after getting from DK.


Regarding content of CFP –

group: Sell the location, highlight what goes on & quality of conference3

HDD: does “conference interest form” get used? – Nobody seems to know.

JPM: mention last two section conferences

group: should also invite proposals for workshops

JPM: will get info on case based study workshop from Auburn. Will send info to RB on this.

HDD: text from Student competition call for abstracts could be useful as text to call for workshop proposals


  1. Saturday Keynote Speaker


  1. Friday dinner or social reception – see item 12 regarding conference schedule


RB/DK: make it a buffet/dinner

DK: get short motivational speaker

RB: will try to get nanotech speaker from Bradley U.


JPM – suggest having a “social” option after Friday dinner – a place for people to go.

RB – will check on options for this (Paradice, or Joneses are a couple of possibilities)


  1. Saturday awards dinner or less formal event


  1. Active-Cooperative Learning, Competition?


  1. Student Post Competition – registration, chair person, awards


  1. Paper Review Process


Jan 15 deadline for completed papers ready to review.

Feb 5 for comments from reviewers

Feb 6 to send reviews back to authors

Mar 5 final versions of papers due from authors.


  1. Proceedings Publication


  1. Hotel Accommodations – blocks of rooms?


Stony Creek Inn, less than 2 mi from ICC will serve as headquarters hotel. A block of rooms will be reserved there (RB,DK) Be sure to reserve extra nice room for ASEE President/President-elect.


  1. Session Chairs


  1. Conference Schedule & Tracks


Saturday lunch to be 90 minutes including short speech by ASEE national president or president-elect. per JPB, ASEE national will pick up expenses on this. Following speech will be section annual business meeting.


Saturday evening dinner will not be a formal banquet.


workshops to be put on Friday afternoon to avoid competition with papers, but this depends on number of papers.

JPM: comment – workshops could really strengthen program

JPM: Bob Herrick from Purdue did workshop at SE section – invite him (RB,DK)

HDD: will likely propose a workshop on how to formulate opening question for open ended projects – a 2 hour workshop

RB: Peoria “NEXT” meeting participants could be possible source of workshop – will checked on it. Could be a way to get some High School teachers here. Project Lead the Way representative would probably also want to come.(consider doing this one Saturday morning to get H.S. teachers to come and maybe stay for some sessions later in day.

DK: try to also get H.S. counselors to come.


another option for Friday afternoon – tours. RB will check on options including Caterpillar research tech center, Caterpillar proving grounds, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, a.k.a. NCAUR. NCAUR claim to fame is invention of mass production method for penicillin


After some discussion, propose to have two timeslots for workshops and tours: 1:00-3:00 and 3:30-5:30 on Friday


have a breakout session for grad students – faculty panel to discuss pursuit of academic positions


Executive board meeting (60-90 min) will be concurrent with 2nd Friday workshop/tour time of 3:30-5:30pm.


Friday dinner to be 6-8pm.


  1. Conference Budget


JPM – note: local institution is not at risk of financial loss on conference – IL/IN section will cover


  1. Registration Procedures


DK – early registration discount helps to get participant info earlier


            Regarding registration fee:

Based on past experience, costs are on the order of $60/person


Fee schedule for faculty:

$100 late or on site – Mar 6 up to time of conference, Mar 26-27

$70 very early – by Feb 6

$85 advance reg. – by Mar 5


Fee schedule for students:

$25 for all non-presenting students

$25 for all students attending both days

$0 for presenting students attending Saturday only


Method of payment:

JPM: processing of payment has to be handled by local institution (ASEE national will not do this) – hence checks should be made out to ICC

RB: will check into what methods of payment ICC can/will handle for this: credit cards? purchase orders?


Include check box regarding which meals attendee will take.


  1. How to increase attendance



  Section Updates


  1. Campus Rep Updates


  1. Executive board information updates


  1. Need new awards chair and committee – outstanding teacher, outstanding paper


  1. Increasing participation in the section


  1. Bylaws



  Section Website


  1. Need to publicize domain name


  1. Upcoming conference information – Call for Papers, Author Instructions, Registration, Student Poster Competition Info


  1. Ways to get involved in session


  1. Minutes


  1. Section Standard Documents


  1. Links – especially to member institutions



2005 Conference – Purdue UniversityRichmond (note: FIE 2004 is in Indianapolis)